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News and events for the 2013 Trifecta will be posted soon...



Trifecta Skaters
This year's Trifecta brings together some of the greatest bowl riders in the world. Many of these riders have spent the last 11 years or more on these Oregon cement parks built by Dreamland and Grindline. Many of these riders will show some amazing feats while some of the newer riders will be amazed at the tricks they will pull in the heat of competition. Good luck to all... (please scroll down through the list or check the skaters page from the nav.

Rune Glifberg

Steve Schneer

John Carcliel

Eric Tuma

Christian Hosoi

Alex Cochini

Nilton Neeves

Brent Achley

Omar Hassan

Raven Tershay

Benji Galloway

Sergie Ventura

Taylor Bingaman


David "Battlewound" Gravette

Collen Provost

Lance Mountain

Kevin Kowalski

Steve Caballero

Bennett Haracla

Steve Steaclham

Chris Cudlipp

Gien Charnowaki


Buck Smith

Chet Childress

Pat Ngoho

Jon Fonts

Jimmy "the Greek"

Josh Maltasow

Ben Schroeder

Cody Lockwood

Duane Peters

Brad Hayes Danger

Jesse Martinez Saiba

Eddie Fleategui

Jim Gray


Mike Rogers

Dave Fluel

Daniel Cardone

Ben Kran

Justin Hindery

Bruno Passes

Julie Kindstrand

Corbin Harris

Jodi Mcdonald

Mark "Red" Scott

Morgan Burgess

Sky Sijeg

Brian Patch

Tyler Mumma


Aaron Astorga

Matt Dove

Vince de Valle

Lenny Bryd

Steve Reeves

Dallas Oberholzer

Tim Johnson

Kenny Lagula

Mason Huggins

Seth McCallum

Mark Appleyarcl

Lance Leisher

Brewce Martin

Tyler Martin

Ryan Johnson

Donovan Rice

Joy Tershay

Shane Allen


Packy Fancher

Matt Rodri

Steve Pineiro

Chaz Pineta

Shawn Black

Jeff Taylor

Larry Martin

Mason Merlino

Sasha Steinhorst

Mike Rogers

Jon Jon Bryan

Dave Duncan

Michael O'iriel

Jason Parkes

Flyan Wilburn

Tom Inouye

Jake Piasecki

Choppy Omega

David Nlartelleur

Pedro Barras

Matt Moffett

Kalani David

Chad Vogt

Eric Stoltz




Linconl City
Stop #16 WCK8 Bowl Series contest...


West Linn
Stop #17 WCK8 Bowl Series contest...

After Party/Art show/DJ & Mini Ramp To Be Announced*


Pier Park, St Johns 
Stop #18 WCK8 Bowl Series contest...

*locations to be announced




Last Years Trifecta was honored to thank Office Steven Dodds for his heroic dedication to the community of Lincoln City and past Trifecta support & help. We are so happy for your strong recovery & returning to duty, continuing to serve & protect the people of Lincoln City.

As Trifecta didnt happen in Lincoln City last year, this year we will be donating a special hero 1 of a kind Sector 9 skateboard signed by the legends & pros of this years contest to Officer Dodds & the city.  Thanks again. Trifecta staff & World Cup.

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